What’s the Clifton Skatepark Like?

I was in the neighborhood so I figured I’d get my daily skate in at the Clifton Skatezone. Here’s a 3 minute video to give you an idea of what the park is like to help you decide if you should make the trip or not. I hope this video is helpful to you! Thanks once again yo my good friend Chris Matty for the music. -Matt Danza, ABF Skate Shop

One thought on “What’s the Clifton Skatepark Like?

  1. Weaselbrook fountains was a fun skate spot in Clifton, I’m 42 and north jersey had nothing to skate other than the streets in the 80’s and 90’s. Ron knigge was a pro for new deal from west Caldwell in the early 90s he did show a part at the weasel park video in new deal ‘ children of the sun’ video I think they just shut down weasel park in Clifton for good, I live in east brunswick now, didn’t grow up there so no I didn’t go to ur shop but was skating at the time, I am in the Mike vallely video at point pleasent brave new worl powell demo in 1987′ I’m wearing a red tshirt near the launch ramp. Thanks for the nostalgia – Victor 42 and yes still skating…kind of….sorta

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