ABF in the News in 1994!

Matt’s Mother Mary Danza in ABF in 1994!  Without her none of this would have happened!

North Brunswick Sentinel, August 25, 1994

First Day Fashions

Short pants, big shoes go back to school this year

by Kevin Byre
Staff Writer

NORTH BRUNSWICK-While teachers are beginning to stock up on chalk, erasers and patience, kids are buzzing their hair off, piercing their ears with pointed objects and pondering that ever perplexing question: flannel or denim?

Mary Danza, owner of ABF Skate Shop in North Brunswick, said the alternative look is still coming on strong, and is currently displayed in a wide variety of Dr. Marten’s footwear (also known as “Docs”) among teens.

The ’70s wear also seems to be the latest rage, with ABF selling love beads, mood crystals, once-hip quarter length T-shirts with such famous ’70s TV characters as The  Partridge Family partridge, or The Six Million Dollar Man‘s character Steve Austin ironed on the front.

Punk styles are also coming back, Danza said, with some girls coloring their hair neon-blue, pink and green….

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