1993: Flower/Skateboard Shop Rolls Toward Sweet Smell of Success

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If you visit American Beauty Florist before Christmas, you can swing by and pick up a festive poinsettia, a floral centerpiece or one of their trademark psychedelic skateboards.  Of course, that's not a common holiday purchase.  In fact, to Mary Danza, owner of the florist shop/skateboard boutique, her entire establishment represents an uncommon merger for any modern business.

"It's hard to describe," Danza said during a telephone interview on Dec. 17. "We have an unusual history.  You have to see it to believe it."

Indeed, when you visit the flower shop, it's a strange experience. Danza mentioned how older women looking to buy flowers will walk into the "skate rat" section of the store and leave, thinking they went to the wrong place.

It was started as a joke," Danza said of the skate shop.  "Down at the other store it (the skate shop) was only a little section.  We ended up cramming a lot of stuff in there."....

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