Dawson Renna Skates with P-Rod!

I’d like to share this positive & uplifting story with you, written by Jersey Shore local skate mom Betsy Renna.  Wishing Dawson & his entire family all the best! A Big “Fist Bump” to The Dream Factory! Last year at this time my family and I had no knowledge of The Dream […]

Ancient Relic

I don’t have much from the old ABF Skate Shop, but I still have this cabinet full of late 80s skate stickers. This guy got retired in 1990 when we moved from 806 to 846 Livingston Avenue, North Brunswick. Check out the Tour Skates, SKAM, and ESA stickers!  Also have Barfoot, Vision […]

Cre-8 or Die 6: David Farrell Art and Frame

It’s always exciting when a new family moves in on your block. But a couple years ago, I got the added bonus of a skateboarder moving in! Husband and father David Farrell lives right across the street from me, so we get to skateboard together just about whenever we want. While our […]

Cre-8 or Die 4: Todd Laffler & Laffler Photography

Back in the late 80s when Todd Laffler wasn’t riding his board he was taking amazing skate pictures & publishing his Skateboarding Zines Fish Eye & Zoom Lens. Todd turned his passion for photography into a successful career as owner of Laffler Photography. Todd credit’s his Mom with first teaching him how […]

Danza Gets Back On The Grind

ABF Skate Shop was featured in the Ocean Star and Coast Star newspapers on March 17, 2016. Check it out! Here’s a PDF, too, for easy reading: ABF Skate Shop in The Coast Star    

Cre-8 or Die 3: Corey Pierce & God Forbid

Cre-8 or Die 3 back in 2011 was about my old friend Corey Pierce and the success he was experiencing drumming for his metal band God Forbid! Updating this for 2016, Corey and the band have gone their separate ways. Now Corey says he is “producing and booking NJ local and underground […]

Cre-8 or Die 1: Ian Halliday & Coffee Slingers

Before starting new Cre-8 or Die posts, allow me to retell the four 2011 stories. Our first Cre-8 or Die post was about former Team ABF rider Ian Halliday and his friend Melody’s nationally renown Coffee Slingers Roasters in Oklahoma. Now time marches on and Ian is no longer involved with Coffee […]

Putting Together a Team!

Kids ask me all the time: do you sponsor?  Well, kids, we sponsored some of the gnarliest shredders to come out of New Jersey!  Pat Guidotti and Ricky Oyola both skated for ABF in 1989! But now for 2016, we’re putting a special team together.  We’re looking to sponsor skateboarding families.  That’s […]

Join the ABF Skate Trip to Penn Skate!

CURRENTLY NO SKATE TRIPS SCHEDULED, BUT BELOW IS INFO FROM OUR LAST ONE TO HELP YOU GET AN IDEA OF WHAT THEY ARE LIKE! Join the ABF Skate Trip to Penn Skate in Allentown, PA. Bus will leave from the Academy Bus Station at 1371 Route 36 in Hazlet at 9 am. […]

Welcome to the new ABF Skate Shop!

Hey everybody, welcome to the new ABF Skate Shop page!  We’re back, but not as a brick and mortar skate shop like you remember.  No, we’re not reselling skateboards and skateboarding products like we used to to from within American Beauty Florist on Livingston Ave. in North Brunswick, NJ, like you remember […]

Matt’s Letter to US1 in 2013

I was delighted to see Burt Navarrete pictured on a skateboard on the cover of the March 6 edition of U.S. 1 at his newly launched Tigerlabs entrepreneurship center. As someone who both skateboards and started a business as a teenager, this image — and the inclusion of words like “Innovation” and […]

1993: Flower/Skateboard Shop Rolls Toward Sweet Smell of Success

If you visit American Beauty Florist before Christmas, you can swing by and pick up a festive poinsettia, a floral centerpiece or one of their trademark psychedelic skateboards.  Of course, that’s not a common holiday purchase.  In fact, to Mary Danza, owner of the florist shop/skateboard boutique, her entire establishment represents an […]