Our Story

Back In The Day

When Matt Danza was a little skater kid in 1988, he had big idea.

At the time his mom, Mary, owned the very successful American Beauty Florist in North Brunswick, NJ.

One day, he asked his mom if they could convert part of her flower shop into a skate shop.

To little Matt's surprise

...maybe because she thought she'd be able to keep a close eye on him

...maybe because she knew a thing or two about business and recognized the increasing popularity of skateboarding

...most definitely because she's just a super cool mom

she said YES!

ABF Skate Shop grew to become one of Central Jersey's most influential skateboard retailers.

For over a decade, the mother and son team of Mary and Matt Danza put fun first, sponsoring teams, contests, and pro demos throughout the state.

In 1999, they closed the shop so Mary could move on to raising horses and Matt could start a career in  engineering.

He carried with him, though, his love of skating and his passion for entrepreneurship.


Back on the Board

Cut to 2015, and Matt's an engineer, husband, dad, and a guy with an itch to get back on the board.

He introduces his 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter to skateboarding and the whole family starts exploring local skateparks together and having a blast!

Matt sees an increase in energy and loses weight.

Matt's wife, Barbara, loves seeing the joy and increased positivity skating brings her husband and the gain in confidence, balance, perseverance, athleticism, and determination she sees in their kids.

Matt begins to help local kids learn to skate and reconnects with old school skater friends from back in the day on social media. Turns out, they never forgot ABF or their love of skating either!

The trip down memory lane is a blast and inspiring the next generation is exciting.

Big Matt has a big idea.

At the time, his wife, Barbara, is a writer and an MBA considering her next career move. He asks her if she'd like to positively impact other's lives by bringing back the ABF brand.

To big Matt's surprise

....maybe because she knows what an awesome learning experience it'll be for her kids and what fun it will be for the whole family

...maybe because she knows that life is about experiences and not stuff and that the ABF brand is a great way to encourage families to live meaningful lives

...most definitely because she's just a super cool wife 😉

she says YES!

At the end of 2015, Matt and Barbara launch ABF Skate Shop, LLC, not as a brick and mortar retailer, but as a brand with a mission to inspire and enhance the skateboarding experience for skateboarding families.


Come Along for the Ride!

ABF is hitting the ground rolling for 2016.

Our first product is a go:Turn your street into a skatepark with our Steel Flatbar Railsliders!

Great for tricks, these flatbars can be easily stored out of the way in a typical family garage and then pulled out on to the driveway or street and skated by the whole family. They are made right here in NJ!

We're hitting the road!

This winter we are planning skateboarding day trips by bus to indoor skateparks in neighboring states.  Fun for the whole family!

Lessons are on their way and birthday parties, too!

Stay tuned! There is so much more to come.